SPRING IN EXILE by Massimiliano Minissale

2013, France, Color, Vidéo, 58′

Synopsis: They left Tunisia after the fall of Ben Ali, to arrive in Paris from Lampedusa. What happens to these thousands of Arab Spring’s exiles ? Who are these men who decided to come to France risking their lives? Massimiliano Minissale and Marie Blandin followed them for two years, their forlorn hope, their expectations, and sometimes their return home.

Spring in Exile is a cross-media work consisting of a web documentary integrated into a dynamic and participatory platform.



Writer / Director: Massimiliano Minissale

Co-directors Italy and Tunisia: Giuseppe Spina, Francesco Valvo

Produced by: Nicolas Rouilleault, Philippe Dijon de Monteton, Vincent Wang

Co-produced by: FrameOff

Editing: Corrado Luvara

Image: Francesco Valvo, Giuseppe Spina, Francesco Di Martino, Giuseppe Portuesi

Pictures: Giuseppe Portuesi, Francesco Di Martino, Terra Project – Simone Donati, Maria Vittoria Trovato, Giulia Mazzone, Giuseppina Bruno

Research and Documentation: Francesco Valvo, Giulia Mazzone

Editorial Advisor: Matteo Treleani

Texts and Articles: Marie Blandin

Translations: Wejdi Trabelsi, Isabella Minissale

With the participation of: CNC, Produzioni dal basso, Mediapart

With the support of: Migreurop, la Cimade


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