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Red : Mandacious Portrait of Bertrand Bonello by Antoine Barraud

2014, France, Color, DCP, 59′, Mockumentary

Synopsis : A renowned filmmaker named Bertrand Bonello, is working on his next film dealing with love and monstrosity. He starts investigating a paint which would express all the power and beauty of monsters. In that order, he requires the services of art historian with who he starts an aesthetic investigation through masterpieces.

With : Bertrand Bonello, Géraldine Pailhas, Jeanne Balibar, Barbet Schroeder, Isild Le Besco, Alex Descas, Marta Hoskins

Production : Cédric Walter, Antoine Barraud and Vincent Wang

Image : Antoine Parouty

In coproduction with : Anna Sanders Films, Cosmodigital, Archipel Production.

In association with : France Télévisions.

With the participation of : CNC and CNAP-Image/mouvement.


SPRING IN EXILE by Massimiliano Minissale

2013, France, Color, Vidéo, 58′

Synopsis: They left Tunisia after the fall of Ben Ali, to arrive in Paris from Lampedusa. What happens to these thousands of Arab Spring’s exiles ? Who are these men who decided to come to France risking their lives? Massimiliano Minissale and Marie Blandin followed them for two years, their forlorn hope , their expectations, and sometimes their return home .

Spring in Exile is a cross-media work consisting of a web documentary integrated into a dynamic and participatory platform.



Writer / Director: Massimiliano Minissale

Co-directors Italy and Tunisia: Giuseppe Spina, Francesco Valvo

Produced by: Nicolas Rouilleault, Philippe Dijon de Monteton, Vincent Wang

Co-produced by: FrameOff

Editing: Corrado Luvara

Image: Francesco Valvo, Giuseppe Spina, Francesco Di Martino, Giuseppe Portuesi

Pictures: Giuseppe Portuesi, Francesco Di Martino, Terra Project – Simone Donati, Maria Vittoria Trovato, Giulia Mazzone, Giuseppina Bruno

Research and Documentation: Francesco Valvo, Giulia Mazzone

Editorial Advisor: Matteo Treleani

Texts and Articles: Marie Blandin

Translations: Wejdi Trabelsi, Isabella Minissale

With the participation of: CNC, Produzioni dal basso, Mediapart

With the support of: Migreurop, la Cimade


AGE IS… by Stephen Dwoskin

2012, France/United Kingdom, Color, DCP, 1.85, Stereo, 73′.

Synopsis: AGE IS… is an ode to the texture, the beauty , the uniqueness of aging faces and silhouettes, a hypnotic poem as ” Dwoskinien ” sense, ie a careful observation, passion and love of details. A gesture, a pause, a look, a moment. Through his films, privacy has always played a leading role and this is still the case in Age is … all faces are those of close friends, their families and even Stephen himself.


Writer / Director: Stephen Dwoskin

Produced by: Antoine Barraud, Stephen Dwoskin, Vincent Wang

Associate Producers: Simon Field, Keith Girffith, Véronique Goël,
  Rachel Bénitah , Philippe Dijon de Monteton

Editing: Stephen Dwoskin, Tatia Shaburishvili

Image: Rachel Bénitah, Stephen Dwoskin, Véronique Goël

Sound: Philippe Ciompi

Music: Alexander Balanescu

Additional Images: Antoine Barraud, Gilles Benardeau, Françoise Bridel, Tonino De Benardi, Mary Dickinson,
 Michele Fuirer, Rachel Garfield ,Samantha Granger, Alexis Kavershine, Anthea Kennedy, S.Louis,
 Valérie Massadian, Mel Massadian, Leo Mingrone, Arnold Schmidt, Tatia Shaburishvili, Ian Wiblin

In association with: Arte France – La Lucarne

In collaboration with: Centre national des arts plastiques (Image/mouvement), Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

With the participation of: Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

With the support of: La PROCIREP-Société des Producteurs et ANGOA

Using public funding by: Arts Council England, RAI 3 Fuori Orario


THE FOREST OF DREAMS by Antoine Barraud

2010, France, Color, Video, 53′.

Synopsis: The Dream Forest is a walk through the thought of one of the greatest Japanese filmmakers, Kohei Oguri, author of The sting of death (Grand Jury Prize , Cannes 1990). Around an animistic sensitivity and a constant search for harmony, it redefines poetry, serenity and assurance : the essence of a utopian cinema, the culmination of 30 years of thinking about the staging and the report image.


Writer / Director: Antoine Barraud

Produced by: Antoine Barraud, Philippe Dijon de Monteton

Editing: Anne Souriau

Image: Antoine Barraud

Sound: Gilles Bénardeau

Music: Andrea Monti

With: Kohei Oguriavec le soutien du CNAP, de la Maison de la Culture du Japon et la Japan Foundation

Acquired by: CNC images de la Culture


HOUSES OF FIRE by Antoine Barraud

2010, France, Color, Video, 15′

Synopsis: The director of United Red Army, Koji Wakamatsu, himself involved in the struggle of 70 years in Japan, discusses the cinema weapon, one he uses camera loaded and pointed to the authorities, since 40 years.


Writer / Director: Antoine Barraud

Produced by: Antoine Barraud, Philippe Dijon de Monteton, Vincent Wang

Editing: Agnes Contensou

Image: Antoine Barraud, Leonardo Pellegata

Sound: Gilles Bénardeau

Music: Antoine Dumont

With: Koji Wakamatsu

Acquired by: CNC images de la Culture



2010, France, Color, Video, 33′

Synopsis: “I decided to look Shuji Terayama, his soul, his re-incarnations, traces he left. As far as I know it could be a fish, a tiger or even a breath of air. What I know is that I’ll talk to him, no matter what.” Antoine Barraud


Writer / Director: Antoine Barraud

Produced by: Antoine Barraud, Philippe Dijon de Monteton, Vincent Wang

Editing: Fred Piet

Image: Antoine Barraud

Sound: Gilles Bénardeau

Music: Stephane Chalumeau, Antoine Dumont

With: Misa Ishibashi


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