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2015, France, Color, Support: DCP, Format: 16/9, Length: 127’

Synopsis : A filmmaker is working on his next film on monstrosity theme. He developed the idea with his colleagues in working sessions, including actors he has chosen for the lead roles and his producer. He seems obsessed with the idea of ​​finding a canvas which would be like the heart of the upcoming film and symbolize, crystallize, the power and beauty of monsters. The vastness of possibilities and interpretations, it uses the services of an art historian who will offer him many paintings and with whom he will begin discussions increasingly passionate. Spilliaert, Francis Bacon, Hans Bellmer, Diane Arbus, Gustave Moreau, each meeting the hustle and calls the next. His desires become clear, he even decides to run rehearsals to see how the idea develops itself. But it does not show to anyone, not even his wife is this spot that grows in his back. This red mark that worries, and seems to express something…

Writer, Director : Antoine Barraud

Cast : Bertrand Bonello, Géraldine Pailhas, Jeanne Balibar, Barbet Schroeder, Isild Le Besco, Alex Descas, Marta Hoskins

Production : Cédric Walter, Antoine Barraud et Vincent Wang

Image : Antoine Parouty

In coproduction with : Anna Sanders Films, Cosmodigital, Archipel Production, Les Films du Bélier and the Centre Georges Pompidou

In association with : France Télévisions

With the participation of : CNAP-Image/mouvement


JOURNEY TO THE WEST by Tsai Ming Liang

2014, France/Taiwan, Color, Support: DCP 16/9, Format: 16/9, Length: 56′

Synopsis : Taking Buddhist ritual centuries old steps, a monk is walking extremely slowly in the busy streets of Marseille and Noailles market.

Writer, Director : Tsaï Ming Liang

Cast: Lee Kang Sheng, Denis Lavant

In coproduction with: Neon productions and Résurgences

In association with: Arte France – La lucarne, Marseille-provence 2013

In partnership with: CNC and the city of Marseille

With the participation of: CNC et CNAP-Image/mouvment

With the support of: the region Province Alpes Côte d’Azure.

Festivals : Berlin IFF (Germany), Ficunam (Mexico), Vilnius IFF (Lithania), Hong Kong IFF (China), Bafici IFF (Argentina), Istanbul IFF (Turkey) & Tribeca IFF (United States)


DAWN OF THE MONSTERS by Edouard Moderne

2012, France, Color, Support: Béta digital 16/9, Format: 4/3, Length: 17’45”

Synopsis : Around the world, strange phenomena occur, mutations, medical curiosities. The entire case comes from the poor and working classes …

Writer, director and editor: Édouard Moderne

Cast: Marta Hoskins, Mathieu Montanier, Jérome Estienne, Antoine Barraud

Image: Sébastien Koeppel, Édouard Moderne

Sound, sound editing, mixing: Gilles Bénardeau



2010, France, Color, Length : 103′

Synopsis: Three films found, directed ​​by Pierre Clementi: Bunuel, Pasolini and Garrel’s actor. Three diamonds, three symphonies silent images, three ” colored snakes “:

SOUVENIRS SOUVENIRS (bobine 27) France, 1967-78, 27 min

POSITANO (bobine 30B01) France, c. 1968, 28 min

LA DEUXIÈME FEMME (bobine J) France, 1967-78, 48 min

Writer, Director: Pierre Clémenti

Cast: Pierre Clémenti, Bulle Ogier, Balthazar Clémenti, Margareth Clémenti, Nadine Clémenti, Philippe Garrel, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Viva, Catherine Deneuve, Nico, Tina Aumont, Frédéric Pardo, Marc O’, Moondog, Maurice Béjart, Valérie Lagrange.

With the assistance of: Laboratorio do ANIM, Laboratoire Neyrac Films, Laboratoire de Restauration « La Camera Ottica » Università degli Studi di Udine DAMS Gorizia et de Home Movies Bologna.


MADAM BUTTERFLU by Tsaï Ming Liang

2009, France/Taiwan, Color, Video, Length : 35′

Synopsis: A free interpretation of the opera in which Tsai Ming Liang propels a woman abandoned by her lover in the crush of the bus station in Kuala Lumpur.

Writer, Director: Tsai Ming-Liang

Produced by: Antoine Barraud, Vincent Wang

Cast: Pearly Chua

Image: Tsai Ming-Liang

Mixing: Emmanuel Croset

Editing: Anne Souriau


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