Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars by Lin Cheng-Sheng

Synopsis: This documentary feature by Berlin Best Director Award Winner Lin Cheng-Sheng focuses on three kids with autism and shows that if we are willing to understand them and allow them to develop their unique talents, an entirely new world opens up which ultimately enriches our own lives. Their mothers are the best example: nothing seems too difficult for them in their quest to provide the best possible care for their kids. Although they live in different regions of Taiwan, the untiring efforts and support of their mothers ensure that they gradually become friends and begin to experience different family life styles and values. The result is a very tender and moving exploration of hidden inner worlds that are hard to communicate in words but which, as they emerge on screen, reveal an unexpected beauty and energy.

Production: O.G.Sun Productions & Micetop International

Producer: Maggie Kuang,

Associate Producers: Beck Hsu Dennis Hu

Executive Producer: Lin Cheng-Sheng, Josephine Sung

International Sales: House on Fire

Format: 35mm, Color

Running Time: 136 minutes

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Country of Production: Taiwan

Year of Production: 2010

The Director: Lin Cheng-sheng was born in 1959 in a remote village in eastern Taiwan. His father was a farmer. In 1975, he ran away from home at the age of 16. He came to Taipei and became a baker and a spendthrift for 11 years. In 1996, he wrote he direct his first feature film “ A Drifting life” which won the Prize Of The Ecumenical inCannes International Film Festival. In 2001 with Betelnut Beauty, which won the best director award in Berlin International Film Festival,  Lin was acclaimed as a major new voice in Asian cinema.

Selected Filmography:

The Moon Also Rises (2005), Robinson’s Crusoe (2003), Betelnut Beauty (2001), March of Happiness (1999), Sweet Degeneration (1998), Murmur of Youth (1997), A Drifting Life (1996)

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